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Formula 37 PC Yacht


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Formula 37 PC Yacht Information

Made For Maximum Fun On The Water. This Stunning Performance Yacht Is One Of A Kind. There Is None Like It On The Potomac. Dicko’s Yacht Takes Cruising On A Yacht To The Next Level. Formula 37 PC Yacht Is The Lamborghini Of Yachts, They Are Known For Speed, Luxury And Comfort.  Second, The Entertainment System With Surround System And 30″ TV, An Amazingly Loud Stereo System, USB And 110 Outlets, RGB LIGHTING CONTROL, CARBIN CLIMATE CONTROL WITH AC AND HEAT, LASER LIGHTS &  2 SUBWOOFERS & 8 SPEAKERS To Entertain You And Your Friends On The Beautiful Potomac River. Perfect For All Celebrations. Boating Season Start April 1st, 2021 To November 15th, 2021. Yacht Located At Forth Washington Marina In Maryland.


TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION EMAIL [email protected] Or Call 240 470-6692